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Get Certified - Let the world know your skills


Author Jocelyn Woo

2023-01-12 | 6 Minutes

Professional certification has seen an explosive growth in recent years.  As recruiters and hiring managers scout for the right talent, they often find that the skills stated in the resume and do not match candidates' true skills. Hiring managers look for proof of candidates' skills and abilities before setting up job interviews. Research data indicates candidates with certified skills have 50% higher chance of getting an interview call from employers and up to 10% higher starting salaries as compared to their candidates without certifications.

Why Tech certifications become so popular

The tech skills gap has employers prioritizing credentialing efforts. In cloud computing technologies, Amazon and Microsoft addressed this need of employers by creating AWS certification and Azure certifications. Many other technology firms, professional organizations joined the bandwagon and partnered with certification providers to create their own certification programs. As the popularity of the certification grew it became a key search criterion for employers to find qualified candidates. Pearson VUE brought in credibility to certification process through remote proctored assessments. Pearson survey of 29,000 certified candidates indicate 55% Of those who go certified earned a pay increase within three months of earning their credential,  within six months that jumped to 77%

LinkedIn Shareable Certification

LinkedIn is the networking platform for professionals. It not only allows individuals to connect with others in their industry but helps professionals showcase their skills and qualifications, and apply for job. LinkedIn also allows users to show their certification in their profile. By obtaining a shareable skill certification on LinkedIn, individuals can easily add it to their profile and make it visible to potential employers or clients. This can help them stand out in a crowded job market and demonstrate their expertise in a particular field or industry. 

Staying Relevant

In a digital world, technology and business practices are continuously changing. Organizations are focused on building efficient and agile teams with employees possessing pi-shaped (π) skills. Even if one is an expert in a domain and not looking to switch jobs, still certification and re-certification helps one stay current on the regulations, technologies and business processes and remain relevant in profession. For students and career starters, certification is an effective way to attract employers as they prepare to launch their career. 


Whether you are someone looking to start a career, or change career or an expert in your domain, certification is key to advance your career.  For those looking to find their next job, certification shared on LinkedIn helps potential employers get a more comprehensive view of an individual's qualifications and skills and make them proactively reach the candidates.

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